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Finnish 🇫🇮| 32 | she/her
Current location: USA

Reach me @toivoshi on most social media!

Business email, questions or inquiries to:
[email protected]

Original Art


An incapable shapeshifter gets stuck in the land of eternal winter while searching for his abilities.

Updates Fridays

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Commission Art

Status, currently open styles and prices:

Commission Info

Status: Open

Notice: Turnaround times will be slower 5th November - 21st January,
I'm out of country during that time but will be working and keep you updated.

Click the buttons next to the examples to order or send me an email! [email protected]

The buttons will take you to an order form you can fill with your information.

Payment method: Paypal invoice (payments upfront, partial payments can be discussed)

Check current commission queue here!

Note: Visual references are a must - avoid including long paragraphs of text (I'm dyslexic!)

If you want something you don't see
on this list, feel free to contact me!

I will not draw NSFW, full armor, political or offensive content

Illustration Station

A. With Minimal BackgroundB. With Natural BackgroundC. With Urban Background+Additional characters
170 USD200 USD250 USD+90 USD each

Rendered/painted illustration with a background that character(s) may be interacting with.
Please provide an idea or theme for the background (and references if possible)!

Examples of background content:
A. Minimal: Solid shapes, simplistic elements/objects, some details
B. Natural: Detailed skies (clouds etc), plants/forests, water areas
C. Urban: Detailed towns, buildings, cityscape, interior designs

Turnaround time: 3-4 weeks

Etch Me A Sketch

Loose, concept like sketching style with less refined detail.

You can also request a rendered version (not a sketch) instead, for extra fee!

Base Price+Additional CharacterFrom sketch to rendered
70 USD+60 USD each+30-40 USD

Turnaround time: 1-2 weeks

"Paper" Style

Lineart-only by default, color/name additions possible on request

Base Price+Additional Character
50 USD+40 USD each

Turnaround time: 1-2 weeks

"Paper" Style [Full Bod]

Lineart-only by default, color/name additions possible on request

Base Price+Additional Character
95 USD+80 USD each

Turnaround time: 1-3 weeks

Terms of Service

Thank you so much for supporting my art. The commission payment covers the time spent and supplies used to create the artwork and helps me to pay bills.

1. Schedule/Communtication

I will start working on the commission after the invoice is paid in full.

General turnaround time is mentioned under each commission type. The total timeframe might vary depending on how fast feedback is given by the client. If something unexpected occurs (sickness etc.) I will inform you about a delay ASAP.

I will keep you up to date about the process: you will receive a preview of the commission in various stages for feedback. Feel free to contact me at any point while the commission is in process.

Working days: Monday to Friday
Day-offs: Saturday, Sunday and calendar holidays

2. Feedback

I will improve the commission based on your feedback on each stage to make sure you're happy with it. I will not do major changes to the commission afterwards, unless it's one minor detail or small color change. If you decide to change the pose or design completely on later stages of the commission, you will need to pay extra. Once I have fully finished the commission and send you the final files and you have approved it, I will not make any more changes to it after.

If I do not receive feedback within 3 months of sending a WIP image, I will consider the commission finished and send a partial refund for the portion I did not draw.

3. Cancellation/Refunds

If you decide to cancel the commission, I will ONLY refund full payment if I haven't started working on the art yet. Otherwise you will get a partial refund, depending on how far I have progressed.
Payments will not be refunded for fully finished commissions.
If the invoice hasn't been paid by the due date (within 10 days) I will consider the commission process cancelled.

4. Using the Art

You are free to upload the finished commission on your own social media account or use on websites etc. but you are not allowed edit my signature out or claim that you drew it yourself.

Please use a lower resolution image if posted on social media. I generally provide this to you with the full resolution version.

Add proper credits if posted online, here are some examples:

@toivoshi (if tagged on instagram, twitter or tumblr)

If the commission is used as a small icon, visible credits are encouraged but not necessary.

Personal use only: Do not resell the commission, sell it as prints or use it for profit without permission. Collaborations can be discussed. Send me an email to [email protected] if you are looking for art for commercial use (to make profit), as the pricing will be calculated differently.

5. Misc.

I will not change my art style to resemble someone else's. Check out my gallery for examples to get an idea of my current style and strengths.

Personal Data TOS

Client's personal data, such as name or email address, will NOT be stored, distributed to third parties or added to mailing lists. Client's email address (provided in the commission inquiry form) will ONLY be used to personally contact the client during the commission process. NO data will be retained after the commission has been completed.

Last updated: October 12th, 21

Reference Sheet

Sort of sketchy concept-art lining. See example below for quality.
Size of the sheet vary between 2000-5000px

Please email me details of your character design and references:
[email protected]

Visual references are required! Even if it's just examples/guidelines to build from.

Base price: 90 USD
-Unshaded back and front view
-with clothes or nude (tasteful)
-Color palette

+Additional details
Price depends on complexity of the detail, varying between 10 USD - 20 USD each
Details are drawn separately next to character.
I will not draw detailed close-ups of genitalia (sorry)

-Additional clothes
-Face close up
-Marking close up

Feel free to send an email to [email protected] and ask for price quote!